Thursday, February 25, 2010

John Bolton really wants a spanking!

As a new parent and slightly older teacher, I've been thinking a lot about child rearing the last few years. Fifty years ago or so it was completely legitimate to spank a child as an act of discipline. In fact, it was one of the only understood means of disciplining a child. Then began the era of Dr. Spock and this idea that violent discipline leads to more violence - that what a father teaches his child through the acts of force is that the bigger, stronger person wins - leading by bullying.

So spanking is considered - in some communities at least (not in the ones many of my friends and I grew up in) - forbidden.

Of course there was a lot of push-back to that. Some groups specifically arose out of retaliation to these non-traditional ways (Focus on the Family being a prominent one). More importantly, though, a number of parents merely left a void in discipline, not knowing how else one could possibly train a child without physical coercion. So kids are raised without discipline. That's led to a host of problems in middle and upper-class communities where homogeneity is the only real social order that counts with adults. Lower class whites and minorities look at this child-rearing without the rear-ending and laugh. Can't blame them. If the only results you see are some snotty kid talking back to adults without fear, you'd mock the whole process too - that is if you don't already.

Compound this with some heavy Oedipal reflexes and you've got some people hankerin' for a good ol' fashioned spankerin'. For some adults, a little bit of S&M just ain't doing the trick.

For people like John Bolton and Dick Cheney, the US is big, bad mama and Iraq, Iran, North Korea are the bad, bad little boys who need a spanking and need it bad.

Of course, if Bolton and his adherents (which include Sarah Palin) believe that the US is this parent nation, that pretty much sums up their racist, condescending worldviews. To have a fetish to be human, I suppose. To allow your fetish to destroy countless lives is to be a miserable sub-human pig.

Oink, oink, John Bolton. Oink. Oink indeed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Disemvoweling Facebook Group

Just started a new group on Facebook. It's called Disemvoweling Srh Pln, Rsh Lmbgh, and Glnn Bck. I like to think that we're gutting stupidity one vowel at a time...

From the About:

To 'disemvowel' text is to take all of the vowels out of the words, to in effect rob it of its usefulness and render it powerless. We seek to disemvowel hateful and hurting speech done by hateful and polarizing people.

Hatred's biggest accomplice is inaction. We desire to act out of love for those whose voices are being silenced by current polarizing factions. Certain media personalities claim to represent 'Real Americans,' yet only spew hate at anybody who doesn't look like them, think like them, act like them, speak like them, or have sex like them.

As a token act of empowerment over and against these loud voices, we shall disemvowel their hateful text.

The first disemvoweled post is Limbaugh's "Retard" transcript. Join and enjoy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Get the **ck out of ChaseDodgeofAmerica

Shorter Big Banks, "In a Message to Democrats, Wall St. Sends Cash to G.O.P."
F*** you, America!! We didn't make you poor and unemployed or throw caution to the wind and run risks to the ground just for you to tell us how to run things. We are f**(kin entitled and deserve, g***ammit them g***am bajillions for bonuses, you ****su**ing **n*s. Just because you bailed us out don't mean we owe you sh*t, mofos!

Whatcha gonna do 'bout it, huh? We're too FB2Fail, b****es!

Here's a hint...
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