Friday, May 14, 2010

Using some modicum of rationality... (II) [The Joystick is Stuck in 1952]

Can someone please explain to me how writing a thesis paper in undergraduate college about the Socialist Party USA amounts to said author being a Communist or even a Socialist or even anything at all except perhaps a person with an interest in something interesting?

Are we still in the 1950's? For pete's sake, finally, Erick Erickson Ericssonny-Sunny Deelite, have you no sense of learning? At all?

I mean, dayum. Teh Stoopid Hurts.

I don't give a flying rip about Kagan. I don't care if you or your hatemonger monkeys compare her to a dude, or Kevin James (although I'm sure that's a compliment in your world - but it'd be a much bigger compliment if she looked more like Larry the Cable Guy or Lt. Hauk's Frenchie the Sock {"Oh, French." "Oh ho ho, mais oui!"}, acerbic wits they are). I don't honestly care. Politics are beyond screwed and every vetting process is a flippin slunk down mule drivin square wheeled cart on a muddy road. I. Don't. Care.

If we're not gonna get a great SCoTUS any time soon, at least don't make us waste time going after your little ghosts when there's actual adult work to do.

Can't believe CNN vetted YOU, ee cunning. Did they at least see your college thesis on "How I Plan Counter-Soviet Aggression by A2S Missiles"? The one where the Russkies form a slow left-to-right then right-to-left top-to-bottom attack on the US from the sky. But you, Ericsahn, have them right where you want them, deploying tactical Air-to-Space missiles as they are in range. And you, and you alone, are able to knock them all down out of the sky and obliterate them all one-by-one. And you will do it, too, as long as the joystick doesn't get stuck again.

Fortunately for us, has a screen copy of your college thesis.
Look familiar?

Using some modicum of rationality... (I)

Will someone please explain to me this common thread of "thought"?
If they're here legally, then they should be pleased and proud to carry around extra ID and show it whenever asked to prove their US citizenship!
My first question - besides who "they" are (because I kind of already know. "They" = "Darkies." Obviously.) - is, "Who the 500K gave the racists the keys to the pride parade? What is this, Being Juan Garcia-vic, only instead of John Cusack and Cameron Diaz, now Real Amurikan Heroes can mess with the protaganists' heads, telling them how they should feel whenever they meet up with Johnny Bootstrap Law. As long as it doesn't, you know, have to happen to them.

But as long as we're playing imaginary scenarios:

Every time you go outdoors, make sure you bring your papers with ya. Your genealogy papers, that is. Because every time that I see a mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging white male outside, I will personally pull him over and ask for that Long Form Birth-Rite Certificate. Just to make sure that his ancestors raped, pillaged, stole, displaced, mass murdered, intentionally spread fatal diseases to, and/or enslaved "they." After all, he will be only to proud to show this side of his familial history and how much better he is than "they" are.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Follow @sarahpalinchina. It's the same thing.

Friend of the blog* and one-time political aspiring tyrant Roguemonger Sarah Palin is chillingly close to Chicago right now. In Arena Town's Rosemont Theatre. Where she lectured a school that decided not to bring its multicultural girls basketball team to a state that is willfully and brazenly anti-non-White cultures. The state has become so anti-non-White, so Aryan, in fact, according to the school, that it is not 'boycotting' (SP's word), it is declining to go for safety reasons.

In an earlier e-mail to Pioneer Press, school district assistant superintendent Sue Hebson said the decision is not a political statement, but rather for the safety of students.

"District 113 boasts a diverse student population and, as a school district, we believe in equal opportunity for each of our students," she said. "We cannot commit at this time to playing at a venue where some of our students' safety or liberty might be placed at risk because of state immigration law."

In other words, the girls themselves probably don't feel safe thinking about going down there. That's what you learn when you actually spend years listening to the fears and aspirations of young women, instead of using them to further your career or hiding them to keep from curtailing your career, Talking A$$ Palin.

But, alas, for Ms. Hokesome Pokesome Buysome Sellsome Drillsomemore Palin, everybody else, including cartoons making fun of her, her children, her husband's charm and good looks, aides, an Arizonan's carcassing political career, her own perceived sexiness (skin crawling. must. resist. urge. to. bllllleeeeeeeeeerrckkhhhhhh. gag. ill. i think it's ove--------blllllllleeeeeeeeckkkkkhhhh) - whatever or whoever is in play is fair use for her political game.

So she has no qualms about continuing with the accusations, ratcheting up the insane rhetoric to an 11ty.

No, Sarah, there's not really a comparison. I don't think anyone's gonna confuse a bunch of basketball players for pre-borns...

Idiot. cf.

*Not really.