Friday, May 14, 2010

Using some modicum of rationality... (I)

Will someone please explain to me this common thread of "thought"?
If they're here legally, then they should be pleased and proud to carry around extra ID and show it whenever asked to prove their US citizenship!
My first question - besides who "they" are (because I kind of already know. "They" = "Darkies." Obviously.) - is, "Who the 500K gave the racists the keys to the pride parade? What is this, Being Juan Garcia-vic, only instead of John Cusack and Cameron Diaz, now Real Amurikan Heroes can mess with the protaganists' heads, telling them how they should feel whenever they meet up with Johnny Bootstrap Law. As long as it doesn't, you know, have to happen to them.

But as long as we're playing imaginary scenarios:

Every time you go outdoors, make sure you bring your papers with ya. Your genealogy papers, that is. Because every time that I see a mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging white male outside, I will personally pull him over and ask for that Long Form Birth-Rite Certificate. Just to make sure that his ancestors raped, pillaged, stole, displaced, mass murdered, intentionally spread fatal diseases to, and/or enslaved "they." After all, he will be only to proud to show this side of his familial history and how much better he is than "they" are.

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