Monday, October 18, 2010

Prayer Circles, Clean Spirits, and Scary Voodoo Chiles!

Shorter "The Christian Investigator":
We don't know what Michelle Obama meant by saying the phrase "Keeping the spirits clean*" on the Tom Joyner radio show, so we're going to have to assume that she's a witch doctor, shaman, or - at the least - a voodoo practitioner.

Why is anyone praying for Obama at any time anyhow? The fact that she is asking for prayers for her husband shows that she's arrogant and hates America!
I've never heard such phrases from Christians before. I'm not saying she's not a Christian, but she can't be.


*It's a phrase used by some Pentecostal churches. To suggest that it is syncretistic and therefore not Christian is to not understand Christian history or even the working of Christianity within one's own culture. For people to not understand that may be forgivable, but then they should do some research before they make press releases. Unless they're so blinded by their racist politics that they can't. But to question the meaning of a 'prayer circle' is just plumb ridiculous.

What's just as infuriating is how these nut-jobs take swipes at Ms. Obama for saying similar things (just in different garb, which they interpret their their racist lens) that Bush II's supporters said all the time for their beloved one.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mark Kirk Is Worried about the Voting Jiggers

But only in Black neighborhoods. Since they're susceptible to vote foolishly for the people who may actually represent them...

But of course this can all be cleared up if only African Americans are allowed to lurk around predominantly wealthy, white polling places where it is well-known that votes are crackered with.