Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mark Kirk Is Worried about the Voting Jiggers

But only in Black neighborhoods. Since they're susceptible to vote foolishly for the people who may actually represent them...

But of course this can all be cleared up if only African Americans are allowed to lurk around predominantly wealthy, white polling places where it is well-known that votes are crackered with.


  1. blacks vote in lower numbers than anyone else, so why would he be concerned about black precincts especially, and then i got to the use of the term jigger, and, the piece catches up, i find out it's not only me. that he felt compelled to defend his use of the term jigger, but not the disassembling of certain precincts is ironic. public speaking will be his downfall.

    phil owens from facebook

  2. i'm amazed at what a Non-story this has become, Phil. I'm almost planning on voting for his idiotic, corporatist, corrupt Democrat opponent just based on this...