Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blech in the USSR

Shorter Glenn Beck America's Flirtation with Extremists
Nazis, or so-called "progressives" want to burn you and eat your children. They are doing this through a steady diet of so-called "social justice." And this socialist idea called "democracy." It's all here in the 1936 Constitution of the USSRRRRRRRR.*

*This nefarious "Constitution" guarantees such eveeLL and unAmerican ideas as:

Freedom of religious worship
freedom of speech;
freedom of the press;
freedom of assembly, including the holding of mass meetings;
reedom of street processions and demonstrations.
These civil rights are ensured by placing at the disposal of the working people and their organizations
Equality of rights of citizens, irrespective of their nationality or race, in all spheres of economic, state, cultural, social and political life, is an indefeasible law.
The right to education. This right is ensured by universal, compulsory elementary education;

And now for the Decemberists:

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