Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sum Up

Her: The Tea Partiers are fully aware of their historical underpinnings in Boston Harbor.

Me: That's pretty hilarious. Even back then they were blaming the dark-skinned for their actions.

How prescient....

Representative John Lewis is a highly respected member of Congress and an icon from the Civil Rights era. He don't just make stuff up. He's not, nor ever was, a race-baiter. But he and several other black (and one white) congress members (and some other witnesses) clearly hear Tea Party demonstrators call out "ni**er" as they pass them by.

How do the TP Express deal with these charges? Do they apologize for that fringe element? Do they say, "Oh my Gad! We can't allow this in our movement!" Do they chide and correct and rein in their crowds?

Hell-to-the-naw! They chide Lewis and the others. "Oh, yeah. He must have made that up! We can't believe that OUR people would say that!" So says Andrew Breitbart*.

In other words, they don't trust Lewis' testimony because he's BLACK.

And farting** fascists like this multimillionaire gubernatorial candidate (for New York state, no less) go around sending out racist, sexist, et. al emails and there we go again. As if they're isolated incidents. As if their policies don't collude with their inherent actions. I call bullsh#t.

*The same idiotic blowhard that helped to bring down a class act social services crew for poor and minorites by supporting a criminal in hyped-up, fabricated charges against ACORN. He's already shown that he's a racist, but if you didn't believe before...
*Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with farting. I've got a case of the moojoos right now...

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