Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Purple Tissue of Horror

Gay Muslim bear-lovin' freakin' Bryan Freakin' Fischer - he of the "Christian" group the American Family Association - is at it again, chickenpeeps!
We now award [the Purple Heart] only for preventing casualties, not for inflicting them.

So the question is this: when are we going to start awarding the Medal of Honor once again for soldiers who kill people and break things so our families can sleep safely at night?

I would suggest our culture has become so feminized that we have become squeamish at the thought of the valor that is expressed in killing enemy soldiers through acts of bravery.
Are we reading this right, Gaybear Bryan? Is it the Christian and American thing to not save lives, but to kill our enemies as ruthlessly as possible?

The bigger question, Fischer, is when you're going to enlist? Sure, you're all types of crazy behind the computer screen. Sure, you get your jollies, kicks, and elongations from thinking about "boys storming" your "beaches" and "lobbing grenades" into your "pill boxes." But now, when is all that wet-dreaming going to become a reality?

Or are you too feminized?


  1. A few months ago, I called in and got on the air with him. My call was "dropped" when i asked how he reconciles Jesus' command to "Love your enemy" with his declaration a few mins prior that we should get in there (afghanistan/iraq), kill the Taliban &, hey, if civilians get caught up in the crossfire, its on the Taliban's shoulders!

    Holy crap.

    I mean, Unholy BS!

    I suggest we, who do not agree with his sentiments, beging calling in and asking these questions.

  2. Seriously!

    It's pretty apparent that he believes that it's our servicepeople's obligation to kill as brutally as possible - not to protect. Not only is this idea very UN-Christian of him, it's just utter lunacy and hateful (especially towards his main targets, Muslims, who he's already made clear he doesn't believe are real people with real rights already).

    but then again, Mr. Fischer has railed against not stoning whales.

  3. but keep fighting the good fight, Hillsideslide!