Thursday, January 21, 2010

So now that corporations are people

Does this mean that we can finally hold them accountable for screwing over people? for prostituting themselves? for theft? for disregard of basic human conditions?

Can they please pay income tax like the rest of us now?

Will BP spend any time in the big house for polluting our waters? Wal-Mart's been stealing from its employees forever now. Somebody needs to reassure me that it'll be sharing a pen with Big Bubba.

Or do they just get one of them cushy 'white-collar crime' jail cells? Bastards!

Is there no justice?

AIG? Lehman Brothers? Any of these suckers?

Or does this thing only, only, only work for their benefit and our detriment?

The above scenario - of corporations being held accountable for their actions like citizens - is obviously a fairy tale. Because the only entity powerful enough - if that - to do so is the government, specifically the government of the United States of America. Of course the US government is quite a bit inept, and large bit corrupt. Legislators' ears have long been tilted at least as much towards the lobbying interests as towards the voices of the people they are supposed to represent. Yet, the voice of the people still had a hearing.

At least until now...

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