Monday, August 23, 2010

Fear of a Brown Planet

From the Onion's Facebook feed:

BREAKING: Freedom Of Speech, Assembly Exercised To Denounce Freedom Of Religion

I only need to say: Spot-Flippin-ON!

The charge is made, the swords drawn, the victimization strong, the bullshit flies, the pigs cry, children lie, OMYGUY...

And somewhere some nutcase (probably that piece of sh*t, N00t Gangrene) is mounting the argument that those arguing on behalf^ of the Muslim Cultural Center are squelching the xenophobes' right to speech. But that's not the case. As with "Dr." Laura, you have the right to say stupid, repugnant crap all you want. But you should be expected to be called out on your racist, stupid, fear-mongering bullsh*t.

^There's not as many of us as there should be, that's for sure. The usual defenders of the repressed - progressives - are torn on this one because 1) many of them belong to the New Atheist camp which is basically a secular fundamentalism (quite a few of them are ironically arguing across the board that we should be practicing freedom from religion without recognizing that they've basically established their own religion) and 2) many of us on the left have yet to face our own hidden racism.

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