Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Resisting Americans

- Or -
I Can Haz Dreemz? LOL!

"We wanna... show the people: We're not crackpots."
- Lady wearing US Flag button down

‎"The last bastion of hope."
There are no other free democracies in the world. this is it! omgb!!!11ty!!!
- "You don't consider Canada a bastion of hope?"
"No. You're not listening. This is it. This is the last bastion of hope. [ad infinitum]"
Repeating it makes it truey.

Al Sharpton owns the Black Panthers? Why didn't anybody tell me this??

‎[On Beck calling Obama a racist with deep-seated hatred for white people] "Glenn Beck would never say something disrespectful to the president."
They're not real fans...

"If I heard that, I'd agree with him [Beck. As he hadn't heard Beck say that about Obama]. Well, he is a bit of a racist, and a bit of an elitist."
Way to think for yourselfs!

"If he's gonna take the time to write all this stuff down, and put it into historical record, then something's wrong."
Alternate: BHO's dad hated white men, which is why he had sex with a white woman and Obama took the time to write about his dad, who is black, which means that Obama hates White people IT'S SO OBVIOUS!!

"And I am an American and I have freedom of speech."
But you just don't know what to do with it. That's okay, you continue sitting in your awned lawn chair and practicing it, you'll get it soon.

T-shirt sighting: "I'm the extremist Homeland Security warned you about."
We'll put you on the first flight to UAE right away, sir!

T-shirt sighting no 2: Protecting white cracker babies.
Well, I'm glad somebody finally is! Lord knows we don't our fair share of Amber Alerts.

"Do you want to be slapped in the face like that?"
Careful what you ask for in this crowd...

"Muslims are sticking a thumb in our eye and saying, 'There! What are you gonna do about it?'"
Dang those Muslims and their Islamic thumbs!

"By taking down those towers, they showed that they had victory over America and over the Devil of the West."
But we'll show them who's the Devil!

"I learned all I needed to learn about Islam on 9/11."
So did this guy!

[On immigration] "It's a health risk. On Ellis Island... they went through a screening. We have no idea, no idea, what's... how safety of our general population."
Your tired, your poor, your teeming masses of malaria to the triage area, please...

And finally, the coup de tat:
"All I know is what my sister told me. And she lives in Arizona. And she says she has seen women waiting in parking lots. Pregnant women waiting in hospital parking lots. Just to have their babies. And that's sad."
Not as sad as that lawn chair...
- "But wouldn't there be pregnant women waiting in hospital parking lots to have their babies even if they were legal."
"But that's different. 'Cuz they're legal."
Has absolutely NOTHING to do with faulty insurance rules that kick moms out after two days...

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