Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Resisting Americans II: The Seated Fury Continues

"Is your dog on welfare?"
- What??

"This is one of them girlie men."
- I like girlie men. They go well with manly girls.

"I'd just like for everybody to have affordable health care."
"No, but what you see British is doing, their medical care, it don't work, man."
- I know some British who'd beg to differ, I say young chap.

- I agree with the lady about Cap'n'Trade. It is a hoax. Unlike, say, global warming. But much like the idea that Obama is deliberately destroying the economy.

"We've lost honor several years back. Problem with the inception of... social security."
- Yes, I know. Inception of Social Security. That movie confused me too... Did you see the part where the elderly man with his walker flies his balloon-lifted house up to a zeppelin to rescue the little Asian boy... Wait, that was Up. Sorry.

"United we stand and divided we fall."
- And lawn chair we sit until we tipsy.

"There are rappers who say the word "n****r." If I went to Chicago and said the word "n****r" I would get shot. Because I'm (points to nose) not black. How'd that happen?"
- Well, there once was a word used to denote, then define and subjugate black people based on negative stereotypes of them held by the white power structure. That word was further used to dehumanize its objects and as a means of predatory violence against them (the word often being used in the context of a threatened or immediate lynching). After the Civil Rights Movement and at the beginning of the Afro-centric movements, black people began to own that word in order to rob it of its racist power, to subvert it of its historical and damaging power. But that only happens as the historical object uses it within the context of other shared historical objects. When the purveyor of the term (read: white people) use the term, it goes back to its former usage - that of subjugation, exploitation and violence against the black man or woman done by white people.
Does that satisfy your curiosity? If not, you can always do some more reading on it, because it's obvious you don't talk to real live black people...

"You sure they call you "racist" because you criticize Obama? Not because you say the 'N' word?"
"I've been pretty good about not saying the 'N' word on tv, until now... 99% of the time I don't use it."
"It's that other 1% that gets you in trouble."
"...It's the double standard..."
- It's not a double standard just because you so desperately want to call every black person around you a 'n****r'. That's just you being a racist idiot.

"I am an American citizen... We are allowed to have our rights. Nobody can stand and tell us that we believe is wrong..."
- My head just exploded. But maybe she didn't mean it that way. Maybe there's still hope that she was just misunderstood. Maybe, just maybe.
"They are stepping on my toes... by infringing on my rights to speak as I will, as I believe... When I can't stand or sit here and tell you about Jesus Christ and how he died for your sins, and somebody comes up to me and tells me that I'm wrong and that God doesn't exist... that's when they start infringing on my rights."
- *click* goodbye - BOOM!

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