Monday, September 6, 2010

Standing Next to the Black Guy

I really wish we had a conversation with the Beckpaloozer group standing next to the Black Guy at 1:53 on in this video here*.

I imagine it would sound something like (*stroking double chin*) this:

"See? We are standing next to a Black Guy and even willing to take pictures with him. Thus, by proximity to a Black Guy, we show that we aren't like those real racists who've never, ever been NEAR a Black Guy before."
"No. It takes a real not-racist person to stand next to a Black Guy like he's not diseased or something and not look him in the eye."
"I'll tell you what. Afterwards, I didn't even check my wallet."
"Ihat's right. I noticed that. Good job."
"I wanted to, but I didn't... Oh, still there."
"See? Ain't racist at all."

*A group of about four (if memory serves) white men are standing shoulder-to-shoulder on either end of The Black Guy, two of whom on either wing holding up signs that ask, "Do I look racist?**" while two women are taking pictures like tourists (apparently, when it comes to interaction/sightings of Black Guys, this is the Ninth Wonder of the World).
**Don't need to answer that question, by the way...

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